EventsWalletQR generator
Quick access to event for visitors and free remarketing with EventsWalletQR
Meet the EventsWalletQR generator — a platform for generating EventsWalletQR, created at the request of event organizers. This tool reduces the distance between you and your target audience and helps build communication at the right time. In process of creating the generator, we relied on the experience of the Chinese market, where QR codes are actively used in all areas: business, sales, payments, dating, etc.

Each EventsWalletQR, created by the platform, is unique and contains a link to the event page. This is a quick and easy way to get an information about event, save it in the EventsWallet app, buy a ticket or share a link to the event with friends. Moreover, you, as an organizer, have the opportunity to track conversion statistics and analyze promotion channels.
How is the EventsWalletQR generator useful for the organizer?

To get to the event's page, the visitor just needs to scan a unique QR code to see full information about the upcoming event.

The user with the EventsWallet app saves an interesting event — it is always at his fingertips.

Take advantage of free remarketing: a week and a day before the event, a potential visitor will receive a push notification with a reminder of the event. The user has already interested in the event; all that remains is to buy a ticket.

Do not give a potential visitor a chance to forget about your event — with EventsWalletQR it is very easy to keep the attention of the target audience.

According to statistics, 3% of visitors buy tickets immediately, after their first visit to the event's page, other users are acquainted with the information and leave. Place EventsWalletQR on the event page. A potential visitor scans the code, saves the event in the EventsWallet app — system push notifications will remind the user of the date of your event and stimulates to buy a ticket.
How to use the EventsWalletQR generator?

For existing customers of Ticketforevent and Expopromoter, EventsWalletQR is generated automatically and is located in your ticket store. Download the event, create your events and test.

If you are not a Ticketforevent and Expopromoter customer, download the app and follow the link to use the EventsWalletQR generator.

Fill in the required fields about your event and generate a code. Download your unique EventsWalletQR and place it at the point of contact with target audience (website, affiliate posters, social networks, promo materials, etc.).

Take advantage of the EventsWalletQR generatorgenerate your first code right now.

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